Aluminum railings

In Mirabel, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Donat and all other cities in the Laurentians region, Rampe and Moustiquaire sells and installs staircases, fences and guardrails with custom-made aluminum railings.

As an authorized distributor and installer of Déco-Rampe products, we offer aluminum railings that are pre-assembled in the factory according to your aesthetic tastes and needs. Our team then ensures that the railings are installed in a solid and durable manner.

You can customize your railings by choosing the baluster model, the pole model and the handrail model that you like the most. In addition, we offer custom ornamentation for a great personalized finish.

Properties of extruded aluminum

The railings we install for your guardrails, stairs, balconies and fences are made of extruded aluminum, the surface of which is covered with a protective finish made of enamel cooked at very high temperature. Applied by an electrostatic process that allows it to penetrate the aluminum fibres, this enamel resists cracking and shocks.

Unlike wrought iron railings, aluminum railings resist rust and do not deteriorate. Aluminum railings do not require maintenance, which means that you won't have to sand the rusty surface and then repaint it in a few years or add a layer of weather protection (as you would have to do for a wood railing).

Solid and durable installation

The railings pre-assembled according to your measurements and your aesthetic tastes are installed by our high-performance team, in accordance with the strict methods of the manufacturer. Our installation will be carried out in a solid and durable manner, using the P.R.E.S. assembly system patented by Déco-Rampe.

The P.R.E.S assembly component allows the aluminum railings to be attached to the poles (previously perforated in the factory) in an extremely solid manner.

The MAXI-BASE anchor is used to improve the stability and safety of the railings. Depending on their positioning and depending on the floor material, it is possible to use 8 additional screws. For a neat appearance, the screws are hidden under aluminum screw cover parts that have been designed for this purpose.

Contact us for an aluminum railing

Contact the Rampe et Moustiquaire team at 514-261-1384 for aluminum railings for your staircases, aluminum railings for your backyard fence or pool fence, aluminum railings for your balcony or guardrail, or aluminum railings for your gazebo or veranda.

Our team travels to Mirabel, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Donat and to all other cities in the Laurentians region for installation of aluminum railings.

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