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Glass railing

In Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Donat, Mirabel and throughout the Laurentians, Rampe et Moustiquaire operates as an authorized distributor and installer of glass railings from the manufacturer Déco-Rampe. We install these magnificent glass railings in residential, commercial and institutional settings.

Different uses of glass panels

The tempered glass panels are used in the making of railings for staircases and guardrails. Glass panels can also be used in the making of pool fences. If you have a terrace with a pool or spa, and these are surrounded by a quality landscape, our glass railings will be ideal and will allow you to enjoy a uniformly beautiful decor. We offer clear, frosted or bronze-coloured glass panels.

A strong, thick, and sturdy glass railing is just as safe (if not safer) than an aluminum railing, while being highly stylized. Glass will give brightness to your space and automatically enlarge it. Whether for indoor or outdoor installation, a glass railing is perfect for residential use or in institutional shops and public places.

Glass panels can also be used as stair railings for modern houses, to which they add a touch of luxury. In bathrooms, glass panels can be used to delimit the shower area and the toilet area, or the bath area and the toilet area. Also, in open-concept homes and businesses, tinted glass panels are widely used to separate workspaces.

5 mm and 10 mm thick tempered glass railing

We sell and install different models of 5 mm and 10 mm thick glass railings: 5 mm tempered single glass railings and 10 mm tempered panoramic glass railings.

12 mm Boreal glass railing

The 12 mm Boreal glass railings are remarkably robust and solid. This type of high-end tempered glass is appreciated as much for its aesthetics as for its safety. The 12 mm glass panels have polished edges and corners. They are ideal for making discreet and sophisticated pool fences.

Large selection of aluminum handrails and poles

The glass panels are held in place by aluminum poles that are securely attached to the floor and walls. Before installation, the glass railings are pre-assembled with the others with the posts of the model and color you have chosen. The installation will then be carried out in accordance with the installation guidelines of the manufacturer Déco-Rampe and using its patented assembly system.

A specific assembly component (P.R.E.S) allows our technicians to attach the glass panels to the poles (perforated in the factory) in an ultra-solid way. The MAXI-BASE anchor part is then used to reinforce the stability of the glass panels. In addition, 8 additional screws can be used (hidden screws).

Benefits of glass railing  Mirabel Glass railings indoors outdoors glossy anchors Saint-Sauveur

Benefits of glass railing

Glass railings, whether installed indoors or outdoors, have a sleek and chic style that enhances the look of modern homes. Often chosen without frames, they are equipped with glossy anchors that add a sophisticated touch.

Glass is beautiful and allows light to filter through, while making indoor and outdoor areas more spacious. The glass railings that we will install in your outdoor areas will allow you to appreciate the natural expressions that surround you such as trees, bodies of water and other landscaping elements. In addition, glass blends very well with all types of materials, whether your exterior space has stone, brick, concrete, wood or ceramic.

You might think that glass is fragile, it is not so when it comes to glass railings! Tempered glass railings are robust and durable. They are frost, shock and scratch resistant. A glass railing is therefore an investment that will increase the value of your property.

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Contact the Rampe et Moustiquaire team at 514-261-1384 to choose the glass railings that will be used to make your custom-made staircases, guardrails and pool fences. Our specialists will carefully install them, making sure that they are solid and durable.

Our team travels to Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Donat, Mirabel and to all other cities in the Laurentians region to take measurements.

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5 mm tempered glass

10 mm Panoramic tempered glass

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